23 mars, 2021

Back on the red planet!

Perseverance’s new Supercam has links between the electronic system and telescope designed by Axon’. This cable assembly, which transmits information to the rover, is terminated at each end by a specific pair of miniature Micro-D connectors. Additionally, Axon has also carried out the cabling of the microphone installed about the Perseverance’s SuperCam. All the cabling of the SuperCam and the microphone has been made in clean room under controlled atmosphere in the Axon’ site located in Montmirail in France. Designed in collaboration with NASA and IRAP Toulouse, with the help of CNRS and CNES, SuperCam is a concentrate of technologies that will remotely analyse Martian rocks.
21 januari, 2021

NOSO-FREE®, Antibacterial solutions

Particularly aware of the contamination risks of a nosocomial infection, Axon’ Cable has incorporated the technology of silver ion micro-flux into interconnect solutions to develop NOSOFREE®, an innovative range of antimicrobial medical assemblies. Designed with dedicated jacketing, moulding and overmoulding materials with anti-microbial and anti-fungi properties, they inhibit the growth of viruses, microbes, including bacteria which resist antibiotics. Any plastic insulation including PVC, TPE and PE can be modified with antibacterial agents. Material properties, such as colour and biocompatibility are not affected by the NOSO-FREE® manufacturing process. The antibacterial activity is efficient during the whole lifetime of the cable assembly.
26 november, 2020

ESA Qualified cable assembly for Q band satellites

Only Axon’ Cable currently provides a range of RF cable assemblies up to 45 GHz which has been QPL qualified by ESA according to the ESCC3408/003 specification. Up to twice as light as non-approved equivalent products, these cable assemblies achieve excellent electrical characteristics. In short, this is an ideal solution for antennae designed for telecommunication satellites operating in the Q band (45 GHz). The development of this range of microwave coaxial assemblies has been fully achieved by Axon’ Cable with the support of the French Space Agency CNES.
27 juli, 2020

Solar mission

Solar Orbiter, the space mission resulting from an international collaboration between ESA and NASA has been launched from Cape Canaveral by an Atlas V411 rocket. It will take two years to reach its operational orbit. Aboard the satellite, 10 scientific instruments will help to scrutinize the sun. Many scientific institutes and industrial partners have contributed to this mission, which is expected to make unprecedented high-resolution observations of the solar poles. Interconnect links designed and manufactured by Axon’ Cable are on their way to the sun.
26 maj, 2020

Step files galore – Micro-D step files library expansion

About 90 000 step files have now been added to Axon Cables online library. 700 micro-D step files were already available, but you can now have access to a much larger range of specs: rectangular, circular, combo, nano-D, combo, backshells and hardware. Plan your system virtually, today. Can’t find your own perfect micro-D? Just give us a call.
31 januari, 2020

Radatox ™ – 100 time more resistant

Radatox ™ contributes to improving life expectancy of space missions in some of the harshest environments. Designed by Axon’ engineers, Radatox ™ is a wire and cable insulation material which makes electrical interconnects 10 times more resistant to atomic oxygen than commonly used fluoro-polymer materials such as FEP, PTFE or ETFE and 100 times more resistant than polyimide (Kapton ® ).
2 oktober, 2019

Energy Technologies

As provider of cable and interconnect solutions with excellent durability in extreme environments, Axon has products suitable for different energy technologies and also participate in events such as the recent 14th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology ISFNT in Budapest, Hungary.
16 september, 2019

Meet us at Evertiq Expo Lund

Welcome to meet us and talk about advanced interconnect solutions with special cables and connectors at Evertiq Expo Lund, which will take place at Medicon Village on Thursday September 26, 2019 between 09:00-16:00!